About Terre Haute Safety & Security Planning

Our houses of worship are meant to provide spiritual sanctuary to all who enter. And yet, during turbulent times, we find ourselves growing even more concerned about physical safety.

Terre Haute Safety & Security Planning offers a forum to bring the interfaith community together with law enforcement to develop methods that will secure our houses of worship and keep our congregations safe.

Our philosophy

  • A threat to any congregation is a threat to all congregations.
  • We will not tolerate hate speech, in any form, and will do our best to alert others to its presence.

Our Objectives

  • Develop and maintain a cooperative network of interfaith religious organizations to assist congregations in preparing for the safety and security of their members, working closely with law enforcement and civic leadership.
  • Share resources for planning and training of leaders and members.
  • Sponsor training opportunities and other in-person events to inform our congregations.
  • Encourage local law enforcement to develop response protocols to provide a sense of consistency for network members.
  • Provide a resource of materials to aid in planning and implementation of safety procedures.
  • Develop materials and practices to aid congregations in efforts to obtain grant funding for safety planning.
  • Develop a list of local providers who may offer services of interest to the network.
  • Encourage an environment of cooperation within the community to increase dialogue on monitoring and countering threats.
  • Develop a network of resources for support in the event of challenges to any and all community members.

What we will not do

  • We will not share anyone’s planning or preparation. (If a congregation wishes to share plans, they may do so directly with other entities).
  • We will not encourage a “common plan.” Each congregation has its own unique concerns and may define methods to address those concerns. Congregations may choose not to share their threat-protection methods. We respect the privacy of the planning process.
  • We will not discuss doctrines of faith. We recognize that doctrines of faith may inform decision-making, but such concerns are best left within the congregation.
  • We will not share your contact information with anyone, without your consent.

Please join us!